991 Haldeman Road, Schwenksville, PA 19473

About Us

Barnside farm was a mere idea back in 1998 when Nancy talked to her husband Walt about an article she read in BioCycle magazine. In the article there was a topic about how government agencies are trying to stop organic materials from going into landfills. Nancy saw the opportunity to utilize their land as a compost facility, which could recycle this organic matter and turn it into something useable.

Immediately Walt wanted to know why she thought it was a great idea, and said:   “You want to do all that work and when you are done the facility will just sit and no one will use it?” Keeping the farm in open space, getting quality dirt for her own gardens and helping pay the taxes was enough motivation for Nancy. She started looking into what was needed to turn Barnside Farm into a mulch and topsoil facility. It was at this point she discovered “DEP”.

It took Nancy one and half years of paperwork and red tape with DEP and the Conservation Department but in 2000 she was granted her “Permit By Rule” permit to compost on the property.

Walt was right; for three years the site just sat there, fully approved with nothing going on. Then in 2003, from out of nowhere, Nancy got a phone call from a major trash hauler asking to bring in leaves. The immediate response from Walt was that under no circumstances should a hauler bring in leaves, we will get “trash”. So that year Nancy had the hauler trucks start bringing in leaves.

In 2005 Nancy decided that she wanted to start bringing in sticks and branches as well as the leaves. Walt protested; “What are we going to do with piles of branches, it will make a terrible mess?” Nancy, determined in finding a way to being able to bring in these items, found someone that was able to grind up the sticks and branches and turn them into woodchips.  Yard waste started coming in during the same year, and the facility was now operating in full swing. Walt retired from Dentistry. As Walt was retiring at age 74, he realized that he would miss all the interaction with the people. Barnside Farm was now getting known and Nancy needed help. Walt became the designated delivery truck driver and helper.  Ever try having "a little help" from your husband?"

Nancy is still exploring new ways of improving the production and adding innovations, with her latest one being Vermicomposting (Wormfarming). 2013 I am practicing in the garage.  Those little red worms do not overwinter can you believe it?   2014/15 I found worms multiply very fast. I am probably the only Grandma that asked for a worm house for X-Mas.  I got one too.

2010, We have a new puppy.  Her name is Foxy.  2013,Our new puppy is now four and still hiding her treasures in our product.  Found out she gets PMS and fights with other dogs and over licks the kids. Both Bullett and Foxy love playing stick and sometimes scare people with an surprise bark if they don't throw one.

2012   It is with regret that we have to inform you that our son, Kyle has taken another job.  We will miss him here at the site but hope his new job will bring him happiness. 

We are certified:  Yes, we are certified with the U S Composting Council.  What does that mean??  It means testing testing all the time testing, making sure there are no harmful pathogens for you to come in contact with.

2013 and the year is busy.  I was told as owner, women are a minority, can you believe it girls?, I was told I am a minority owned and operated business.  Just don't tell Walt. Does that mean we, girls, have power over the men in our lives??? No, but I love to try.  

2018; I hope you all survived the power outages and storm damage, what a start to the year.  We have been busy taking in all your downed trees.  Our soil and mulch is ready so come on over.  It is like a maze driving between the rows so you might have to look for us or give a phone call to find us.  We are looking forward to seeing you this year.