Mulch, Compost, & Topsoil

MULCH: We deliver, 3 yard minimum one product delivery and 5 yard minimum two product delivery.

Screened compost used as mulch, is dark in color, rich in organic material and water retentive.Your plants will get a drink of Compost tea every time it rains or you water forcing the nutriments out of the soil and up to your plants.  Certified by: U.S. Composting Council. 

Price: 1” screen size $38 per yard, $28 per half yard. 1/2” screen size $40 per yard, $30 per half yard. 3/8” screen size $42 per yard, $32 per half yard. No credit cards
(Not sure how much you need? See our application chart)


Your plants will love this organic blend of MULCH, 50-50 compost/mulch and so will you.  The rain drives the small particles of compost down giving your plants a drink of compost tea and leaving the larger particles of mulch at the top creating a weed barrier.  The interaction between the compost and the soil allows the soil to release its nutriments to the plants limiting the need to fertilize.  EcoBlend is moisture retentive holding the moisture and distributing it to the plants over a period of time.  Now you won’t be a slave to the hose and can go away for the weekend and not have crispy plants when you return.

Price:  $38 per yard,  $28 per half yard.  No credit cards

Enriched Brown

Enriched with: ground stumps,  bark, branches, leaves and other soft organic material. This finely ground mulch is made only with organic material. As the mulch decomposes it mixes with the soil, helping the soil to become the rich loamy soil found in the woods.  Recommended depth 2 to 3 inches.

Price: $30 Per yard, $20 per half yard   No credit cards. 


If you are looking for contrast, the black color of this material will give you the look, as it sets off your home and plants nicely. Our black mulch is more moisture retentive than most giving you plants moisture longer than other conventional black mulchs.  The dye used resists fading giving you a sharp contrast throughout the summer.

Price: $38 Per yard, $28 per half yard.   No credit cards

Veggie Leaf Mulch for the vegetable garden

A basic chopped leaf/sticks mulch suitable for vegetable gardens. This product is the start of our compost process, a material that has started to break down to become compost. Mulch with it in the spring then till it into the veggie garden in the fall.  Let it enhance your soil for next year and many years to come.  Availability depends on the compost process.

Price: $30 Per yard, $20 per half yard. No credit cards

Playground Woodchips

Our woodchips are even in their particle size for the consistency you want for walks, edging and in play areas. Availability limited.

Price: $38 Per yard, $28 per half yard.  No credit cards

Unscreened Woodchips

Wood particulars of various sizes. Used for under equipment, paths or in the back of the property.

Price: $22 Per yard, $12 per half yard. No credit cards 

Soil Blends and straight compost

Our compost meets the state requirements of temperatures maintaining 131 F for at least 15 consecutive days with proper turning and cured for a minimum of 30 days. Temperatures taken to 140 /160 degrees kill weed seeds that are in the material while it is composting.  We can custom mix a soil to meet your needs, from the state retention pond filters to your back yard. Tell us what you want and we will do everything we can to accommodate you. All our compost is lab tested and certified with the U S Composting Council, copies available upon request.

Compost (STRAIGHT) you can combine with soil or used as a mulch or as a topdressing.

Screened to 1”, 1/2″, or 3/8” size the compost gives your soil an added boost that your plants crave. Worked into the soil or used as a mulch your plants will enjoy a drink of nutrition  every time it rains.   You heard me, yes mulch with it.   The plants eat up the nutriments released from the soil that the compost provides. Sterilized to temperatures killing the weed seeds the compost gives your plants the stand alone  quality you are looking for.  Beds must be clean and free of weeds before using compost as a mulch or use a thin layer of mulch on top . Work the compost into your clay or shale soil for easy maintenance and enjoy gardening again with flowering plants and vegetables.  Tested and certified.

price : 1” screened per yard, $38 and $28 per half yard. 1/2” screened per yard, $40 and $30 per half yard.  3/8” screened $42 per yard and $32. per half yard. Contractors call for pricing of 50 yards or more. No credit cards

Screened compost garden mix, made for your raised beds.

A loamy compost dark in color and rich in organic material.  Recommended for use in raised beds and planters.    We screen the compost and mix in topsoil to give you the best ionization though out the mix. The 1/2” screen size allows tiny chips of stone and wood to be included preventing the soil from becoming compacted and providing needed oxygen to the roots.  Now you will be able to get out weeds with a slight tug rather than chiseling them out. 

Price: 1” $40 per yard, $30 per half yard. 1/2” $42 Per yard, $32 per half yard. 3/8” $44 per yard, $34 per half yard. Contractors call for pricing of 50 yards or more. No credit cards.

Screened compost premium TOPDRESSING

For all you lawn lovers who don’t like the time it takes to water and don’t like the brown lawns of summer, this is the product for you. Fall application of our finely 3/8” screened top dressing is the best time to get your lawn ready for next year’s drought and heat that causes the brown lawns we all like to avoid. The straight compost is screened with a 3/8” screen , perfect for broadcasting over your lawn.   With proper application watering can be almost eliminated. 

Garden lovers who want the best for their established beds will like this product.  It’s fine screening makes it easy to work into the soil of an established bed or can be used strictly for top dressing around established plants.  The plants get added benefits of  uniform moisture by the absorption of nutriments not available in dry soil.

Price: 3/8 screen $42.  Per yard, $32. per half yard.  Contractors call for pricing of 50 yards or more. No credit cards

Compost topsoil blend, Seeding soil

A blend of about 50% compost and topsoil. Tired of the brown lawn the summer heat causes?  Our compost blend will limit the brown. Screened  with either a 1/2” screen  or a 3/8” fine screen  this moisture retentive soil encourages plant roots stay down to get moisture and nutriments created by the added compost. Grass planted in this blend will out grow and establish itself faster than in an unblended top soil and you won’t be mowing dirt in a dust bowl.

Price: $40 per yard 1” screen, $30 per half yard. $42 per yard 1/2” screen$32 per half yard. $44 per yard 3/8” screen$34 per half yard. Contractors call for pricing of 50 yards or more. No credit cards


Basic unscreened topsoil .  Perfect for filling low spots and then topped with our 50/50 blend.   $25 per yard

Amended Soil

For water gardens, top dressings, basins and commercial use.

Available upon request

Fill Dirt

Unscreened dirt containing stones and debris.  Usually used to fill very low areas and toped with a topsoil blend.

Price:  $25per yard

Construction Grade Compost

Unscreened compost used for retention basins, erosion control and other construction specifications.

Price: $28 per yard   Certified

Commercial Pricing Available Upon Request

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