Bring Materials

Please note that we have a state of the art scale; every truck is weighed as it comes into the facility, as well as when it exits in order to get an accurate unloading weight.  Sorry we do not accept credit cards.

Contamination charges are made on non compostable items; concrete, asphalt, metal, etc.

Type of Materials Price pr ton
Leaves (can include new grass cuttings) $50 ($25 minimum fee)
Yard waste (brush, clippings, etc) $50 ($25 minimum fee)
Mixed load (leaves and yard waste) $50 ($25 minimum fee)
Bamboo $100 ($50 minimum)
Bamboo mixed with yard waste $75 (minimum $45)
Fill Dirt (no contaminants, depending on availability) pending truck size $45-$75 per load
Sod and top soil pending truck size $45-$75 per load
Stumps $100 per ton (minimun $50)
Mixed load (stumps and yard waste) BAMBOO $75 minimum $45
Grass New (with little odor) $50
Manure $20. min  $6 per ton
Clean wood chips  8 per ton $30 min.

*All products made here contain no contaminants; all prices are subject to change. 
Compost meets state requirements of 131 F for at least 15 consecutive days with regulated turning and cured for a minimum of 30 days. All compost taken to temperatures of 140 to 160 degrees to kill off weed seeds internally.

Compost certified with the U S Composting Concil.


Please note: The minimum dumping fee for material under 1000 pounds is $20.    If you need to make several trips in one day we will charge you your total weight for the day.

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